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Abundo is the company that stands by your side, no matter what you need help with. We keep track of the latest technology and trends, so you as a customer can be sure to receive the best possible assistance.


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Some things we are good at


Abundo is very experienced and skilled in everything related to networks. Depending on what customers need, we are involved in various phases - procurement, design, implementation, and troubleshooting.


Abundo has been working with DNS since 1995 and is an expert in the field. We have also worked extensively with DNSSEC. 

Abundo offers a state-of-the-art, affordable, stable, and popular DNS service.


Abundo has developed many different types of software, scripts, integrations, and much more. Everything from low-level code in assembler to high-level code in Python, we can handle.


Pite Energi, Integration of Support Systems

To simplify the management of routers, switches, physical and virtual machines, several support systems have been integrated. Now, when a device is created/modified/removed in, for example, BECS/Netbox, the monitoring Librenms/Icinga will automatically be updated, Oxidized configuration backup will be updated, as well as DNS with forward and reverse lookup.


No configuration files need to be updated, or services restarted. All work can be done in the web interface.

Less risk of errors

The systems are always up to date, new devices are not forgotten, and no old ones are left cluttering when they are deleted.


Apache2, Django, Python, and RabbitMQ are some of the technologies that this is built with.

Open source

The code is open source and is available on GitHub.


Lunet, configuration tool for switches and routers

Lunet, the broadband network in Luleå, was planning to upgrade its network in order to be able to offer gigabit services to homes. Approximately 1,400 access switches were to be replaced.
To simplify this, Abundo wrote a management tool called Cometes that integrates with NetAdmin, creates configuration files based on information in databases, and auto-configures access switches and parts of distribution switches.


Access switches could be taken directly from the warehouse out in the network. At startup, they fetch the configuration from the network. This saves a lot of time since they do not need to be pre-configured.


Cometes integrates with DNS and Monitoring, all new access switches are automatically added to these.


All access switches and parts of distribution routers always receive the correct configuration. The human factor is essentially eliminated.

Open Source

In 2021, Cometes will be released as Open Source. The code is currently being adjusted to become more generic.

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Abundo bidrar officiellt till Librenms

Abundo bidrar nu officiellt till open source projektet Librenms. Abundo har gjort buggfixar och lagt in stöd för alla Waystream produkter (f.d PacketFront). Alla Waystream produkter visas med korrekt logga,[…]

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Abundo stödjer pydev, en python plugin för Eclipse IDE

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