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Abundo can deliver an easy to use DNS service.

Du berättar för oss vad du vill ha, så fixar vi så det fungerar. Inga komplexa menyer, webgränssnitt mm.

The DNS service contains the latest functions and standards, some of them are

  • Primary DNS, content in zone files is edited by Abundo
  • Secondary DNS, content in zone files is edited by you
  • IPv6
  • EDNS
  • Response Rate Limiting, to avoid Denial of Service attacks
  • Redundant service, using nameservers in multiple Autonous Systems (AS number) and Ayncast.

If you are interested in the DNS service, send an email to with a description on your needs, and we get back to you med en beskrivning av dina behov, så återkommer vi snarast.